October 4, 2011

Winter 11/12 training: lurg number one

I had decided to take most of September off riding. I did the odd ride, but nothing big - or more importantly, focussed. They were just fun, social, rides; enjoying riding a bike.

The plan was, is, to start bagging the steady stuff now, October, to be in a race ready state much earlier next year.

Just got back from a smashing holiday in Italy with the wife - no riding, just a chilled out week reading, eating, and drinking.

And that’s where I got it wrong.

I have a cold. Haven’t been ill since my epic run of lurgies earlier this year - think I’ve managed to get from February until now without catching anything. It tried to start last week whilst we were away, but didn’t really brew. Then it came back again after the flight home. And now it’s a full on miserable cold.

Oh well. Training will have to start next week now.