May 21, 2013

O.Symetric chainrings and gear shift quality

After trying out Rotor’s Q-Rings I decided to give O.Symetrics a go too.

Plenty has been written about ovalised rings and their perceived, or real, advantages - but subjectively I like them. Plus, objectively, I also found Q-rings really did work for me, with a lower heart rate for a given wattage (and comments about them messing up the power readings on an SRM are not true, according to this comment on the wattage forum from SRM themselves)

I found switching from rounds to Os and back again easier than chopping and changing with Qs, my legs settling back in to whatever I’m riding within an hour.

But gear shift quality with Os can be quite ropey. It is, however, perfectly possible to get a decent quality shift. And it’s all in the timing. Pick the right point on the pedal stroke and the shift is just fine, as I demonstrate with this short video…