April 16, 2013

How long does it take to find form?

Coming back from an injury, starting from scratch, or just been plain lazy (me). How long does it take to find an acceptable level of form?

I guess there is a further question there too - what is ‘an acceptable level of form?’. For me, it’s being able to race a third cat road race and finish it in the pack.

Since I did the Haute Route last year I’ve been very, very lazy with my riding. I only did nine hours of riding across September and October last year, quite a contrast to the 12-16 hour weeks I was putting in during July. November and December weren’t a lot better, and since the beginning of the year I’ve done almost nothing too.

This, naturally, has left my fitness somewhat languishing.

So at the beginning of April I decided it was time to start making an effort. I’ve no goals for this year (despite the last post saying I was doing the Haute Route again, I chose to cancel it when an old knee injury flared up in January) so my aim is simply to get my fitness back to a level similar to last year. I’m not sure I’ve got the same time to put in, so I’m not looking to get to exactly the same level. Just thereabouts will do.

The question I ask myself is, how long will this goal take?

I’ll post some stats soon to show my progress, and what work I’m putting in to get there.