August 12, 2012

Haute Route 2012 preparation - done

Well, that’s it. I can do no more. I am ready for the Haute Route.

I have spent most of this year riding solo, a slave to the power meter. For the last month and a bit I’ve shunned alcohol of any kind, my goal to stay off the sauce until the end of the Haute Route (by which time I’ll have been dry for 39 days, a PB).

As a bonus, the dry phase has seen me drop a bit of weight too - no other adjustments to my diet. So I’m down to the lightest I’ve ever been, around 61kg. A quick VO2max test to back up what I thought I was seeing in WKO has shown I’m also the strongest I’ve ever been with my FTP up at 285w. A recent ride with a hard climb in the middle saw my highest ever five minute power, at over 330w in the end.

I have form. Bring it on!

Five min power