May 12, 2011

Race six: Hog Hill Summer Series 1

3s and 4s Race Bloody hell that was hard.I’d not raced at Hog Hill before. I’ve ridden around the top portion of the circuit when I was testing a Parlee and a Viner, but didn’t get to check out the bottom portion of the track or try out the infamous ‘Hoggenberg’ climb. I’d heard the climb was short but steep - 10% at it’s worst - and generally in a one hour race you hit this 20 times. ... Read more

May 10, 2011

Crystal Palace Two

Bugger.There was plenty of talk this week that Palace was going to be busy, and that the 100 riders limit was to be enforced. All the talk suggested turning up early. I got there at 18:45 for the 19:15 3⁄4 start. It’d been full for some time by that point. Dammit.

April 27, 2011

Race five: Crystal Palace One

Palace. Palace, Palace, Palace. I really don’t know why anybody enjoys this race, it’s ridiculously hard. I had a bash at the 3⁄4 race a couple of times last summer - when I had, what I considered for myself, forme. And both times I packed a little over half way through. I got a stitch that I couldn’t control and ended up not being able to breathe; rather fundamental to Palace as you never get a chance to stop doing it at a rate that would make an onlooker assume you were about to die. ... Read more

April 23, 2011

Watching the Rutland Melton CiCLE Classic race

Had an ace weekend last week following the Rapha Condor Sharp team racing the Rutland Melton CiCLE Classic. I got to travel with the Condor guys (thanks!), ride a portion of the route on the Saturday before the race, then spend the day chasing around the circuit to watch the race come through at various points. It’s a brilliant race to watch, a real UK equivalent of a Belgian classic. I took some photos, and Andy Waterman made a great video… ... Read more

April 7, 2011

In pursuit of fitness

Since getting back on to the training after the epic lurgy things have been going OK.I thought that four weeks off would set my fitness back to somewhere around 1983, but luckily it didn’t seem to do all that much damage. Sure my ‘long game’ is a bit off, and so is most of the other stuff, but it’s nowhere near as bad as I feared. A week in Majorca saw a couple of decent climbing efforts, even if I could record the power (a whole other story I may write about at a later date). ... Read more

March 16, 2011

Mid week mileage

I’ve managed to rearrange my days during the working week, so I can bag a long ride on a Wednesday. This should help accelerate my return to form [I hope] - a good mid week three hours, plus a decent long weekend ride, and some chaingang action and I might be ready to race by, oh, July? Anyway, this was today’s effort:

March 5, 2011

Four weeks off is a long time

When I last wrote a couple of weeks ago I was about a week into total rest, the aim being to shake a particularly troubling cold I’d picked up. It’s been four weeks since that cold turned bad, and four weeks since I last turned a pedal. I think this is the longest lay off I’ve taken since I got back on the bike properly back in 2007. My form was already suffering from two previous colds, so to say I was apprehensive about a ride today would be an understatement. ... Read more

February 16, 2011

Planning my year

I started last year with rubbish form, mostly due to being rather lazy during the [harsh] winter of 2009⁄2010. This set back plans I had of racing a lot - the main aim being ‘achieve 2nd cat’.By the summer my form was storming [for me]. Three weeks cycling at altitude in Peru probably helped a bit; but none the less I figured if I could hang onto a good portion of that form through the winter I’d be in great shape to start this year. ... Read more

February 14, 2011

Ben Spurrier interview by Damien Breen

Damien Breen of ‘In The Saddle’ has done a nice interview with Condor Cycles’ head of design, Ben Spurrier. It’s worth a read.

February 10, 2011

MTBing in Yorkshire

I do enjoy a bit of MTBing, especially in the ‘off season’. In fact, it’s become my defacto method of holding onto some form of fitness over the winter months for the last couple of years. Last weekend I managed to get one ride in with a bunch of my club mates, despite fending off a subtle, but annoying none the less, head cold. The weather was rubbish, so photos were mainly confined to dodgy portrait shots. ... Read more